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Plaza FAQ:

Q: What are the benefits to a Plaza?
A: The People St Program aims to convert redundant or underused street space into people space. These iconic street-to-plaza conversion projects use simple elements like moveable tables, umbrellas and chairs; colorful, patterned surface treatments and plantings; and lively and entertaining programming to create more publicly accessible open space.

Q: Who can be a applicant/community partner?
A: Business Improvement Districts (BIDs), Community Benefit Districts (CBDs), non-profits and community organizations, and other organizations may apply to become People St Community Partners. Community Partners are responsible for the operation, management, and maintenance of the People Street Plaza. This also involves ongoing community outreach, organizing public programs, and retaining at least one million dollars in General Liability Insurance. Neighborhood Councils cannot be an applicant but can support organizations that apply for a Plaza.

Q: What will the plaza look like?
A: At a minimum, the Plaza will be comprised of a colorful street surface, moveable tables, umbrellas and chairs and large planted barriers that delineate the perimeter of the plaza. Please see the Photo Gallery in the Current Projects for more images.

Q: Will reclaiming the street cause traffic congestion?
A: No. People St Plazas are constructed within underutilized roadways and create more capacity for people walking and bicycling.

Q: Can Plazas be proposed on the sidewalk or on vacant lots?
A: No. People St Plazas are “below the curb”- transforming spaces where cars drive or park into spaces for people to gather.

Q: Can public art be installed in the plaza?
A: Yes, but only if it is temporary and easily movable.

Q: Can events be held in the Plaza?
A: Yes, public events can be held in the Plaza. These are either organized by the Community Partner, or hosted by other groups at the discretion of the Community Partner. Non-public events will be discussed by LADOT and the Community Partner on a case-by-case basis. At no time are private events permitted in the Plaza, which must remain publicly accessible at all times.

Q: Does LADOT offer grants to cover the Community Partner’s People St project’s capital costs?
A: LADOT does not offer grants to fund financial responsibilities of Community Partners for People St projects. Community Partners are encouraged to solicit grants, pro-bono assistance from design professionals, and materials sponsorships/ donations to offset project costs.

Q: Should a People St Applicant wait until their application is approved to apply for grants to fund their project’s costs?
A: Applicants are encouraged to secure or begin the process of securing funding for costs associated with the design of the proposed project prior to applying. After a project’s initial application is approved, more formal grant relationships can be solidified by the Community Partner and their grantor.




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