2018-2019 Special Technical Assistance Cycle

LADOT’s People St Program is excited to announce a special application cycle this winter for Parklets, Plazas, Bike Corrals, Intersection Murals, and Decorative Crosswalks in your neighborhood!

People St is an application-based program that builds partnerships between community groups and the City to transform LA streets into active, accessible places for people. In this cycle, we’re expanding our project types and making it easier than ever to apply. To ensure that every community in the city has a chance to build a People St project in their neighborhood, LADOT secured funding from Metro allowing us to provide technical design assistance and funding for materials and construction. In this application cycle, LADOT aims to build one project in every LA Council District (15 projects total). All projects must be within 1/2 mile of Metro Rapid or within 1 mile of a Metro Rail transit station area.

The initial application window is open from Dec 3rd, 2018 to Jan 22nd, 2019.


Expanded public spaces can calm traffic and increase safety for people who walk, bike, and take transit. These projects also encourage increased levels of walking and bicycling, all the while supporting economic vitality. Pedestrian-centered activity is shown to foster a greater sense of community, and local businesses benefit as more pedestrians frequent neighborhoods that accommodate them.


Project Types include:
• Parklets (1-2 on-street parking spaces)
• Plazas (2,000+ ft of reclaimed street space)
• Bicycle Corrals (pending Metro approval)
• Intersection Murals (pending Metro approval)
• Decorative Crosswalks (pending Metro approval)

Download more information on our 5 project types


Are you interested in getting a project installed in your neighborhood? Your neighborhood council members, residents, business owners, and stakeholders are invited to learn more at one of our upcoming Community Workshops in December – we’ll explain the program, the funding opportunities, and the application process.


Each Application Manual gives a thorough, step-by-step guide to the People St process and project requirements.

Parklet ManualParklet Kit of Parts
Plaza Manual, Plaza Kit of Parts
Bicycle Corral Manual
Intersection Mural Manual
Decorative Crosswalk Manual


Click one of the links below to submit your application the preferred way: through our online-application portal.

Parklet or Plaza Online Application
Bicycle Corral Online Application
Intersection Mural Online Application
Decorative Crosswalk Online Application

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