People St Program Materials Now Available

People St program materials are now available for download under the “Project Types” menu of this website (People St). These materials cover everything you need to know to bring a People St project to life. They include the following.

An online-application portal is in development and will be available in advance of the March 3, 2014, opening of the initial application window. Make sure to download the Application Manual for your desired project type for detailed information about the process and application requirements.

Application Windows for 2014

LADOT is offering an introductory application window, open March 3 through April 30, 2014. During this two month–long time frame, Community Partners can work on and subject initial project proposals.

Another application window will open in the fall of this year: October 1 through November 28, 2014. Application windows will open every fall every year for the indefinite remainder of the program.

Introductory Application Window
March 3–April 30, 2014

Regular Annual Application Window
October 1–November 28, 2014
(October–November every year thereafter)

Visit the Get Ready page of this website for a quick guide on how to prepare for the application process. If you have questions about a potential project or site location viability, contact LADOT via the Inquiry Form.

Public Information Seminars
People St is hosting a series of information seminars for interested Community Partners. Take a look in advance at the Application Manuals and other program materials and join us at one of the following locations:

We look forward to working with Community Partners across the City of Los Angeles to reimagine our streets and bring projects to life!

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LADOT Set to Launch People St in 2014

People St is the official “one-stop shop” for Community Partners interested in applying to install Parklets, Plazas, and Bike Corrals in neighborhoods.

We are thrilled to announce the formal establishment of People St, the new citywide program administered by LADOT that allows communities to install three types of projects: Parklets, Plazas, and Bike Corrals!

These temporary (not permanent, static structures) project types have one thing in common: they are situated below the curb.

  • Plazas are installed in underused or redundant road space.
  • Parklets and Bike Corrals are installed in on-street parking spaces.
  • All three types of projects transform roadbeds into pedestrian-oriented spaces.

Assistant General Manager Dan Mitchell and the Pedestrian Coordinator team of Margot Ocañas and Valerie Watson presented the structure and intent of People St at a report back to City Council Transportation Committee on December 4, 2013, at which time the recommendation to proceed with the full launch of the program and initiation of the application process was approved. On December 17, 2013, City Council officially authorized LADOT to launch People St in 2014.

Timeline for Full Program Launch and Supporting Materials

Plazas & Parklets

  • Early January 2014: The full array of supporting program materials—including application manuals and the Kit of Parts documents—will be released for Plazas and Parklets via the People St website.
  • March 1–April 30, 2014 (tentatively): An introductory, inaugural application window will open in the beginning of March and close at the end of April. The People St website will offer an online application portal. Downloadable application manuals (PDF) for Plazas and Parklets offer step-by-step information for how to prepare for the application process.
  • June 2014: After Plaza and Parklet application review and prioritization, LADOT will report back to Council in June on the selected projects.
  • October 2014 (and annually thereafter): Going forward, the regular, yearly application window will open each October.

Bike Corrals

Detailed information on bike corrals can be found via the Bike Corrals page of the People St website, which links you to the ongoing process established by the LADOT Bike Program.

Thanks to All Involved!

LADOT would like to take a moment to thank all involved in the pilot projects and development of the program. Your hard work and dedication helped inform the formalization of People St as an official citywide program and process—tangible policy change for our city.

From elected officials who shepherded the pilot projects through, to the council district staff who tirelessly worked on building the relationships needed to ensure long-term success, to the Community Partners who stepped up to take responsibility for maintenance and management of the projects for their neighborhoods—we are thrilled to continue to work with you and build from lessons learned.

From the neighborhood councils, volunteers, organizations, and design professionals who gave their hearts to these projects, to vendors, contractors, and experts who helped make installation a smooth process—thank you!

To the project team of consultants who rode this wave with us and created a world-class body of work to support the program, kind thanks.

Last, but not least, huge thanks to the skilled City staff from various departments who sat in meeting after meeting to create the bones and foundation for this program.

We Look Forward to Working with You in 2014

Check back in 2014 for links to a slew of downloadable PDF documents and manuals that will guide interested partners through the application process.

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Introducing People St

We are thrilled to announce the establishment of People St, a program of LADOT and the City of Los Angeles. People St is the toolkit of cost-efficient design elements that bring quickly installed transformations to L.A.’s streets, demonstrating the value of active, accessible spaces for people to enjoy. These projects are one tool for a community or neighborhood to consider when establishing a long-term vision for improvements to support walking, bicycling, and economic vitality, and serve as the first step for attracting future capital-intensive investments in physical street infrastructure. People St projects are incubators for creating Great Streets.


This website is your one-stop shop for information, resources, and materials on People St Plazas, Parklets, and Bike Corrals, and the process for applying to bring these projects to your neighborhood. Building from lessons learned from the city’s first six pilot projects, LADOT has been working closely in an unprecedented collaboration with community members, elected officials, and other City staff to develop People St into a program that will expedite project development and implementation with a clear, consistent process.


People St offers an application-based process for community partners to receive approval to install a Plaza, Parklet, or Bike Corral. Through this website, potential community partners can access an online- application portal and the materials that inform and guide the application process. Each year, LADOT opens an application window, during which time Community Partners submit an initial project proposal. Using a set of established criteria to assess each proposal, LADOT selects a limited number of applications on which to move forward. Considerations for proposal selection include: organizational capacity, site location, site context, community support, and public-space access need. Those selected then work closely with LADOT to move through the rest of the process of bringing a project to life. Upon full program launch in early 2014, a downloadable Application Manual will be made available that details in full everything you need to know.


Each People St project type offers a preapproved, required Kit of Parts that contains packaged, thought-through configurations from which to choose so that no community partner needs to “reinvent the wheel” each time a project is considered. We know that demystifying city processes, rules, and requirements to make our government more responsive to residents and businesses is super important for improving the quality of life in our city. We also recognize that any new program has to start with meeting the immediate needs identified by community groups all over the city to get projects on the ground quickly, and can evolve over time to add new ideas and project types.


We look forward to acquainting you upon our initial, full program launch in early 2014 with the array of program materials and manuals that have been developed to guide you through the process. People St will offer the following materials:

  • Plaza and Parklet Application Manuals
  • Plaza and Parklet Kits of Parts and Technical Appendices
  • Bike Corral Resources via the LADOT Bike Program—Supplemental Materials
  • Online Application Portal
  • Pre-/Post-Evaluation Materials to document and report on project impacts

In the mean time, People St is here to answer any questions you may have. Please direct inquiries through the Contact Page of this website.

People St and LADOT would like to send a warmhearted thank you to the many dedicated city staff superstars, elected officials, designers, and community participants who have contributed to the formalization of this program. See you on People St!

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Recruiting Volunteers to study NELA Parklets

The York Boulevard and Huntington Boulevard Parklets are two of the first four pilot parklet projects in Los Angeles.  Parklet Studies is partnering with Cal Poly Pomona to conduct post-occupancy studies at both sites for LADOT.  Fieldwork will take place through October 2013.  To sign up, please go to

UCLA and Parklet Studies release Spring Street Parklet Evaluation

The Spring Street Parklet Evaluation examines how the new projects – initiated by DLANC and maintained by the Historic Downtown BID – are being used and perceived by the neighborhood.  Major findings?  Pedestrians, parklet users, and local business operators think the parklets are a great local asset that the BID is taking great care of them.  For more information, visit The Lewis Center website, or download the report here.

Partnering with Business Improvement Districts…

Partnering with Business Improvement Districts to Create ‘Streets for People’ Parklet Plazas in Los Angeles” by Gary Benjamin provides fresh guidance on the creation of optimum community partnerships.  The establishes the qualities belonging to a community partner and to the partnership agreement that are most important to a successful parklet project.1 The study examines individual BID-managed parklet project cases in New York City and San Francisco by conducting interviews with BID directors and staff, as well as public agency personnel in the NYC Plaza Program and SF Pavement to Parks. The study also establishes the applicability of the lessons learned from parklet projects in other cities.

Street Studies in Northeast LA

People St would like to highlight the recent study, Highland Park Next Generation: Reviving Street Culture in Northeast Los Angeles.  The study was undertaken as a Master’s thesis project in Cal Poly’s Urban and Regional Planning department by Elizabeth Gallardo, now an Assistant Bicycle Coordinator in the LADOT Bicycle Planning and Outreach Program.

Elizabeth studied York Boulevard for over a year, closely observing the physical life of the street including cultural happenings, sentiments of residents and business owners, and traffic patterns.  The research explored the relationship between street revitalization and the cultural and environmental dynamics that motivate and encourage community-driven placemaking. Interviews, reviews of historical documents, and policy analysis helped to identify those factors affected the street’s development, particularly looking at the local arts community, small business development, transportation policy, and the human scale of the built environment. The study found that a general neighborhood zeitgeist, street configuration, affordability, local anchor businesses, Council Office supported improvement, and the physical character of the corridor were some of the most significant factors leading to placemaking and corridor revitalization in Northeast LA.

Elizabeth’s research into the social, economic, and physical life of York Boulevard has provided her a unique perspective for her current work at LADOT, establishing a Bicycle Friendly Business District program in the City of Los Angeles.  Understanding how culture, economics, and physical design is key to invigorating our streets, making them a safe, desirable, and engaging place for people.  Besides working at LADOT, Elizabeth enjoys promoting LA’s urban wilderness, engaging in community planning, teaching, and writing about the nexus where streets and people meet.

For more information on LADOT’s Bike Friendly Business District program, contact Elizabeth at:

Huntington Parklet Grand Opening

The fourth and final pilot parklet was dedicated this weekend on February 16th, 2013, with much fanfare. People St and Councilmemer Huizar gathered with the LA 32 Neighborhood Council, Barrio Action, Living Streets LA and the Wilson High School Band to commemorate the grand opening in El Sereno. This parklet sits on the T-intersection at Huntington Drive and Rosemead Avenue in the heart of El Sereno’s commercial district.

The parklet was designed through a series of workshops by local residents who wanted to add a public gathering and seating place to Huntington Drive. Funding for the project came from Councilmember Huizar who worked with Living Streets LA to create an “Improvement Vision and Action Plan” for the Huntington Drive corridor. Here, small details that reflect the community were able to make their way into the final designs. For example, the lavender plants and lime and lemon trees pay homage to the areas not so distant agricultural heritage.

Like the parklet on York Blvd. in Highland Park, the Huntington Drive parklet was built 100% by hand by the skilled youths at the Los Angeles Conservation Corps. Located just blocks away from El Sereno Elementary, along one of Northeast LA’s most visited corridors, the Huntington Parklet is ready for when you visit!

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