People St Projects Coming Soon

Three Plaza Projects Coming by February, 2015!

We are pleased to announce that three People St Plaza projects are breaking ground by February, 2015. Together with four Parklet projects, these Plazas were selected under the first-ever application cycle of the formalized People St program, administered by LADOT. Here are the Plaza locations and their Community Partners:

Stay tuned for more information on plaza “grand openings” as installation continues. Exciting activities and programs are coming!  We hope you get a chance to visit these new projects as they come to life.

Parklet Update

The four parklet projects selected under the 2014 application cycle are currently working through design development, finalizing construction documentation for their sites, and conducting further community engagement. Tentative installation for these parklets is projected after Summer, 2015.

After much hard work and dedication, the Historic Core BID, Council District 14, and LADOT have collaborated to devise repair and modification plans for the Spring Street parklets, one of which was damaged in 2014. Anticipated re-opening by March, 2015!


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Broadway Dress Rehearsal Existing Conditions Report Now Available

People St is pleased to announce the release of the Broadway Dress Rehearsal Existing Conditions Report. Evaluation efforts like this are integral to the City’s Great Streets initiative, and facilitate implementation and benchmarking of LADOT’s Strategic Plan and the City’s Mobility Plan 2035.

Evaluation Methodology

LADOT is committed to understanding and reporting on how projects impact neighborhoods, and evaluating their overall effectiveness in achieving project goals. By using established metrics that illuminate how new public spaces and street design impact the life of the street, we can track trends over time, evaluate project performance, and inform future program direction.

People St has developed a robust methodology for pre- and post-installation evaluation and data collection: the People St Project Evaluation Manual and Fieldwork Toolset. [PDF] This document contains our standard approaches to methodical observations and data gathering at project sites, both before and after installation. Analysis of these data allow us to describe changes in safety, mobility, accessibility, and economic vitality. We also capture perceptions of the neighborhood and the project itself from people walking or bicycling in the project area and local business operators.

A New Milestone Reached with the Broadway Dress Rehearsal

This week, we celebrate the completion of the first report based in LADOT’s evaluation methodology: the Broadway Dress Rehearsal Existing Conditions Report. [PDF]

This report offers an in-depth look at safety, public life and economic indicators existing prior to the installation of the Broadway Dress Rehearsal. Data were collected starting in January 2014, just in advance of the project’s installation, which was completed in August.

Here is a preview of some of the interesting findings from this snapshot of Broadway taken before the installation of the Dress Rehearsal project:

    • Pedestrians generally outnumber vehicles on Broadway. There were more people walking along Broadway over the course of just 6 hours than motor vehicles traveling along the corridor over a 24 hour period on the same weekend day.

    • From 2007 to 2012, 120 intersection and 94 midblock injury collisions were reported along Broadway (involving people driving, walking and bicycling).

    -Pedestrian and bicycle injury collisions have been increasing.
    Most midblock collisions were caused by unsafe lane changes and unsafe speed by drivers.

    • Vehicular speeds and volumes differ for northbound vs. southbound traffic. Traffic speeds were higher and volumes lower going southbound; traffic speeds were lower and volumes higher northbound.

    • Excessive driver speeding behavior was observed. Almost one-quarter of drivers were speeding heading southbound on Broadway on the weekday studied.

What’s Next?

A corresponding post-installation study (under separate cover) will be conducted in Fall 2015 to compare the existing conditions reported in this document with those observed after the project has been in place for a year.

Hungry for more data? LADOT has also been conducting pre-installation data collection around the seven plaza and parklet projects approved earlier in 2014 under the first-ever application cycle of the People St program. Stay tuned for even more data from People St!

People St would like to thank our colleagues in our LADOT Survey Division who participated in vehicular volume and speed capture, and the consultant team who worked tirelessly on this groundbreaking effort for LADOT.


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People St Plazas and Parklets Approved to Enter Design Phase!

After rigorous assessment of each application by an all-star, interdepartmental team of City staff, we are very excited to announce the list of projects from our first-ever application window approved to be implemented! Check out the list of approved People St projects below, to be installed as early as this fall:

List of approved projects 

Project Type Location Neighborhood Community Partner
Plaza Bradley Avenue between Van Nuys Boulevard and alley Pacoima Pacoima Beautiful
Plaza Alley near Lankershim Boulevard at Magnolia Boulevard North Hollywood NoHo BID
Plaza 43rd Place between Degnan Boulevard and Leimert Boulevard Leimert Park Institute for Maximum Human Potential
Parklet 1111 S. Hope Street Downtown South Park BID
Parklet 15231 La Cruz Drive Pacific Palisades Palisades P.R.I.D.E.
Parklet 3272 Motor Avenue Palms Motor Avenue Improvement Association
Parklet 3370 Motor Avenue Palms Motor Avenue Improvement Association

Successful applicants closely reviewed the People St Application Manuals to ensure the completeness of their application materials, asked LADOT questions relating to site feasibility and application requirements early on in their process, and involved many local stakeholders in project development. The People St program has experienced a healthy amount of interest from community organizations and individuals seeking to transform their neighborhood streets into people-oriented spaces.

What’s next for these projects?

Prior to installation, LADOT will post public-notice posters at all approved project locations for 10 business days.  During this time, members of the public can submit public comments directly to LADOT via our website.

Additionally, LADOT will work with these Community Partners to collect baseline information about the site before project installation,  and guide them through the design development process.  People St looks forward to continuing to work with the approved Community Partners to create these innovative people-oriented spaces throughout the City!

Attention Spring 2014 Applicants!

Photo: Leimert Park Pop-Up Plaza community outreach event in April, 2014

Thank you again to all applicants who submitted their Plaza and Parklet applications during our City’s first-ever People St Application Window!

Representatives from relevant City departments and agencies have been busy reviewing the applications to assess site feasibility, documented community support, and overall completeness of application.

At the end of June, LADOT will be presenting the interdepartmental team’s assessments and recommendations to City Council’s Transportation Committee.

After Council adopts these recommendations, applicants will be contacted by LADOT regarding the next steps for their project. So, stay tuned for news coming your way soon!

Go People St!

People St is now an award-winning program!

Did you hear the great news?

On May 1, 2014, LADOT People St was honored by the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) with a prestigious Sustainability Award for Achievement in Active Transportation at the Annual Sustainability Awards. Along with several other Southern California jurisdictions, LADOT received recognition for the program’s contributions to active transportation in a video introduction from former LA City Planning Director and current Urban Land Institute (ULI) Los Angeles Chapter Executive Director Gail Goldberg honoring the program’s facilitation of partnerships between the City of Los Angeles and the community to “recaptur[e] pieces of streets for use by people.”

We would like to thank Kevin Ocubillo from Councilmember Huizar’s office for nominating LADOT for this award. We would also like to thank all of the staff from across various City departments who contributed to the formalization of this award-winning program! Go People St!


Thank you, People St applicants!

The very first People St applications are in! As of 4:00 pm last Wednesday April 30, our introductory application window for Parklets and Plazas came to a close. Our next application window is tentatively fall 2015.

People St would like to thank the individuals and organizations who submitted their proposals for transforming Los Angeles’ streets into active, vibrant, and accessible public spaces. From site plans and photographs to community outreach and letters of support, it takes a lot of work to apply for a People St project, and we appreciate the tremendous effort of everyone who submitted during the recent window.

In the coming weeks, LADOT will be convening an inter-departmental team to evaluate the applications against the People St project criteria and determine which projects to recommend for approval. In June, LADOT staff will present the team’s recommendations to City Council, who will then make the final decision regarding which projects to move forward.

Later this summer, LADOT is looking forward to working with selected applicants from this round as they bring their projects to life. In the meantime, we encourage anyone who didn’t apply during our introductory window to begin assembling the required application materials in preparation for our regular, annual Fall window, which is less than five months away. Remember to visit our PlazaParklet, and Bicycle Corral pages for more information.



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Application Deadline Fast Approaching

Welcome back!

Our new citywide program’s first application deadline is only days away: April 30, 2014 at 4:00pm PST. We at People St are very excited to review your proposals soon!

The most efficient way to submit your People St Parklet and Plaza applications is through our People St Online Application.

If you can’t submit via the online application, there are two other options:

  • Via e-mail: Please use the subject line “People St RFP Submittal” as your e-mail to . Electronically scan each original hardcopy document requiring signatures and submit as individual PDF documents.
  • Via mail: Hardcopy packages must arrive on or by 4:00pm PST on April 30, 2014 addressed to:

People St Application Submittal

City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation

Pedestrian Program 

100 S. Main Street, 9th Floor

Los Angeles, CA 90012

If you are not ready submit a People St project application this time around, make sure to ask us questions about your potential projects and get ready for our following application window: October 1 – November 28! Questions? Visit the Get Ready page for a quick guide on how to prepare for the application process. If you have questions about a potential project or site location feasibility, contact LADOT via the Inquiry Form at the bottom of the page.

Get in touch with us through the Contact page of the website for general comments and questions!

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Online Application Portal Now Live!

Hello there!

Thank You for Coming
We at People St send a big thanks for making it out to our public information seminars. We heard many times that it was very beneficial for folks to hear questions from other seminar attendees, and that people even made potential project team connections with others present!

That’s the power of our new citywide program: community partnerships, grassroots creativity, and connecting the dots to leverage available resources.

If you weren’t able to join us, we invite you to view the full range of program materials we discussed at the seminars by visiting

There you can find:

  • Application Manuals – your guide to process, responsibilities, and application requirements
  • Kit of Parts documents – everything you need to know about the pre-approved, required set of design elements that are installed to create plazas, parklets and bicycle corrals
  • Online Application Portal – access via the PlazaParklet, and Bicycle Corral pages

Online Application is Now Open! 
See the pages within the PDF Application Manuals for all of the documentation required as part of the application process. The pages in the back of the Application Manuals can be used like draft “workbook” pages to help you get started, and are analogous to the online application. When you are ready to start a formal online application, click on the “Click Here to Apply” button found on each project type webpage that links you to an online system where you can enter your information and upload required documents, images, and more. Again, access the application portal by visiting the PlazaParklet, and Bicycle Corral pages.

Now through April 30, 2014, you can log on to the system, create your own unique user name and password, enter information, save your work, and come back to it later at your convenience. Just make sure to be totally done with all information before you hit the final submission button.

Questions? Visit the Get Ready page for a quick guide on how to prepare for the application process. If you have questions about a potential project or site location feasibility, contact LADOT via the Inquiry Form at the bottom of the page.

See the Contact page of the website for general comments and questions.

See you on People St!

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People St Program Materials Now Available

People St program materials are now available for download under the “Project Types” menu of this website (People St). These materials cover everything you need to know to bring a People St project to life. They include the following.

An online-application portal is in development and will be available in advance of the March 3, 2014, opening of the initial application window. Make sure to download the Application Manual for your desired project type for detailed information about the process and application requirements.

Application Windows for 2014

LADOT is offering an introductory application window, open March 3 through April 30, 2014. During this two month–long time frame, Community Partners can work on and subject initial project proposals.

Another application window will open in the fall of this year: October 1 through November 28, 2014. Application windows will open every fall every year for the indefinite remainder of the program.

Introductory Application Window
March 3–April 30, 2014

Regular Annual Application Window
October 1–November 28, 2014
(October–November every year thereafter)

Visit the Get Ready page of this website for a quick guide on how to prepare for the application process. If you have questions about a potential project or site location viability, contact LADOT via the Inquiry Form.

Public Information Seminars
People St is hosting a series of information seminars for interested Community Partners. Take a look in advance at the Application Manuals and other program materials and join us at one of the following locations:

We look forward to working with Community Partners across the City of Los Angeles to reimagine our streets and bring projects to life!

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LADOT Set to Launch People St in 2014

People St is the official “one-stop shop” for Community Partners interested in applying to install Parklets, Plazas, and Bike Corrals in neighborhoods.

We are thrilled to announce the formal establishment of People St, the new citywide program administered by LADOT that allows communities to install three types of projects: Parklets, Plazas, and Bike Corrals!

These temporary (not permanent, static structures) project types have one thing in common: they are situated below the curb.

  • Plazas are installed in underused or redundant road space.
  • Parklets and Bike Corrals are installed in on-street parking spaces.
  • All three types of projects transform roadbeds into pedestrian-oriented spaces.

Assistant General Manager Dan Mitchell and the Pedestrian Coordinator team of Margot Ocañas and Valerie Watson presented the structure and intent of People St at a report back to City Council Transportation Committee on December 4, 2013, at which time the recommendation to proceed with the full launch of the program and initiation of the application process was approved. On December 17, 2013, City Council officially authorized LADOT to launch People St in 2014.

Timeline for Full Program Launch and Supporting Materials

Plazas & Parklets

  • Early January 2014: The full array of supporting program materials—including application manuals and the Kit of Parts documents—will be released for Plazas and Parklets via the People St website.
  • March 1–April 30, 2014 (tentatively): An introductory, inaugural application window will open in the beginning of March and close at the end of April. The People St website will offer an online application portal. Downloadable application manuals (PDF) for Plazas and Parklets offer step-by-step information for how to prepare for the application process.
  • June 2014: After Plaza and Parklet application review and prioritization, LADOT will report back to Council in June on the selected projects.
  • October 2014 (and annually thereafter): Going forward, the regular, yearly application window will open each October.

Bike Corrals

Detailed information on bike corrals can be found via the Bike Corrals page of the People St website, which links you to the ongoing process established by the LADOT Bike Program.

Thanks to All Involved!

LADOT would like to take a moment to thank all involved in the pilot projects and development of the program. Your hard work and dedication helped inform the formalization of People St as an official citywide program and process—tangible policy change for our city.

From elected officials who shepherded the pilot projects through, to the council district staff who tirelessly worked on building the relationships needed to ensure long-term success, to the Community Partners who stepped up to take responsibility for maintenance and management of the projects for their neighborhoods—we are thrilled to continue to work with you and build from lessons learned.

From the neighborhood councils, volunteers, organizations, and design professionals who gave their hearts to these projects, to vendors, contractors, and experts who helped make installation a smooth process—thank you!

To the project team of consultants who rode this wave with us and created a world-class body of work to support the program, kind thanks.

Last, but not least, huge thanks to the skilled City staff from various departments who sat in meeting after meeting to create the bones and foundation for this program.

We Look Forward to Working with You in 2014

Check back in 2014 for links to a slew of downloadable PDF documents and manuals that will guide interested partners through the application process.

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