Bicycle Corrals are an on-street bicycle parking facility that can accommodate up to 16 bicycles in the same area as a single vehicle parking space. They work best where sidewalks are too narrow to accommodate bicycle racks and in areas with both high levels of people bicycling and demand for bicycle parking. When placed near street corners, a Corral also increases visibility and creates an additional buffer between people walking and people driving.


pk-app_1The Application gives a thorough, step-by-step guide to the People St process and requirements, including the Bicycle Corral Application. Community Partners should fill out application and submit to


“The Bicycle Corral Application contains step-by-step instructions for creating a Bicycle Corral in your neighborhood.” — People St


General template for reference. Once the Bicycle Corral application is approved, the Applicant will enter into a maintenance agreement with the City. The Community Partner will perform regular maintenance on the Bicycle Corral and adjacent parking spaces including, but not limited to, keeping the Corral free from trash and debris, stickers and graffiti, and maintain landscaping (where applicable).



The Application and Sample Maintenance Agreement (available as downloadable PDFs) provide all the information you need as a Community Partner to apply for a Bicycle Corral. Be sure to reference these materials while collecting the information needed to complete the Bicycle Corral Application.



You’ve filled out and collected all application materials specified in the Bicycle Corral Application. To submit your application, email all materials to



Q: What is a Bicycle Corral?
A: Bicycle Corrals are part of LADOT’s toolkit to achieve Great Streets for Los Angeles. A Bicycle Corral is an on-street bicycle parking facility that can accommodate many more bicycles than a typical sidewalk rack. They are especially useful in areas with narrow sidewalks or areas heavily trafficked by pedestrians, where it would be impractical or obstructive to install a sidewalk rack. The LADOT Cyclestall Corrals replace one auto parking space and are installed in the vehicular right-of-way along the curb. Corrals typically occupy 20 feet (an area equivalent to a single-vehicle parking space) with enough space for up to 14-20 people on bicycles!

Q: How many bicycles can park at a Bicycle Corral?
A: An LADOT Bicycle Corral can accommodate 14-20 bicycles.

Q: How do I get a corral?
A: People St accepts requests to install custom Dero Cyclestall Corrals on a rolling basis. Corrals can be requested by local businesses or non-profit organizations. Requests are subject to meet criteria outlined in the application and are evaluated and fulfilled in the order in which they were received. Approved applicants sign a maintenance agreement with the City.

Q: I want a Bicycle Corral now! Can I apply outside the People St Application window?
A: Yes! People St. is now accepting applications for Bicycle Corrals on a rolling basis.

Q: Can I buy a Bicycle Corral and place it in the street outside of the People St application process?
A: The City of Los Angeles does not currently permit non-City entities to place Bicycle Corrals in the public right of way. All corrals are property of the City of Los Angeles and corral design and installation is performed by LADOT. Beginning in 2016, LADOT has planned a pilot Bicycle Corral Parking Incentive Program, an application-based pilot for new construction, change of use, and subdivisions/conversions. More information will be announced in the coming months.

Q: Can I count the bike parking spaces created by a People St Bicycle Corral towards my building’s automobile parking requirement?
A: No. Beginning in 2016, LADOT has planned a pilot Bicycle Corral Parking Incentive Program, an application-based pilot for new construction, change of use, and subdivisions/conversions. More information will be announced in the coming months.

Q: Why not place the Bicycle Corral on the sidewalk or places other than parking spaces, like places where there is extra red curb?
A: The Bicycle Corral program is part of the City’s Great Streets mission to build a transportation system that offers Angelenos multiple options for how to get around. It’s purpose is to create more public space for people walking and bicycling by re-allocating small amounts of public space used to store private automobiles. Most curb space is already allocated to autos, whether they are parking, loading, bussing, or dropping people off. By placing the corrals in the street, we preserve the sidewalk space for people walking and we create street space for people on bikes.
Places that have already been painted as red curb are painted that way for good reason – there are City standards for red curb that ensure proper visibility for drivers, red curb prevents drivers from blocking fire hydrants, and gives buffers for entry to metered parking spaces. Most existing red curb spaces need to stay clear from all obstruction, including Bicycle Corrals.

Q: Do Bicycle Corrals come in different colors or designs? Can I paint the corral or have a special custom design on it?
A: Because corrals are City property, we have a standard design just as we do for most public facilities. The standard design ensures durability, safety, and other considerations that we make for all our public facilities. Corrals also have a standard design because just like our sidewalk Bike Racks, Corrals may be removed or relocated for a variety of reasons, and therefore need to remain interchangeable.

Q: How can a Bicycle Corral benefit my neighborhood?
A: Bicycle parking can have significant benefits to a neighborhood. Studies all over the world have seen that high quality bicycle facilities like corrals increase neighborhood vitality, local economies, and quality of life. For a full list of reasons check out the Benefits of Bicycle Friendly Business here.



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