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As 2015 was off to a wonderful start with the installation of three People St Plazas, we at LADOT were busy adding some exciting new features to the People St website! We also did a little housecleaning and reorganized the structure of the website’s pages.

New Online Map
Under the new “Current Projects” [link] page, you will now see an online map showing the location of existing and approved (future) People St Plaza and Parklet projects — all together in one place! Clicking on the blue (current) and green (future) icons brings up another box with information on each individual People St project. As you zoom in to the map, more and more data is revealed.

The maps display several additional layers of information that can be clicked “on” and “off” under the “Layers” tab of the online map. For example, layers show where there are currently bicycle facilities, Metro Rail and Rapid lines, and other active transportation infrastructure serving folks as they move about town. We locate the 15 inaugural Great Streets under Mayor Garcetti’s initiative. Looking to the future of mobility, we include several layers relating to the City’s Mobility Plan 2035, awaiting final approvals and adoption later this year.

Folks, hold on to your desk chairs and laptops… you have a front row view of how People St Plazas and Parklets fit into the overall mobility network of Los Angeles, now and into the future! 

People St Plazas and Parklets help communities achieve “Phase One” projects that quickly and cost-effectively demonstrate the benefits of investing in the public realm. As these projects start to spring up in many corners of our dynamic City, seeing how they fit into the evolving mobility story in LA offers critical insight into the intent and purpose of these “temporary” projects — they can catalyze bigger conversations about urban design in your neighborhood and help spark future improvements for people walking, bicycling, and taking transit.

Also, the map can be used as a tool to identify opportunity areas in your neighborhood with existing or planned infrastructure that might benefit from a People St project’s power of demonstration. (Pro tip: As you drill down to particular sites make sure to reference the site location criteria in the Application Manuals that determine if a proposed location is feasible.)

(Image: People St projects springing up all over Los Angeles)

Website Organization
We’ve also taken some time to reorganize the content of the website and do some housecleaning to update some of the FAQs on the Plaza and Parklet pages based on feedback since our initial program launch back in early 2014. In the website’s overall menu, you will now find everything you need to know about how to apply for a Plaza or Parklet under the “Apply for Project” [link] tab. As described above, the “Current Projects” [link] tab houses the new online map and individual project pages for each People St Plaza and Parklet.

City of LA Navigation Bar
In related news, you will also see a new City of Los Angeles navigation bar at the top of each and every page of the People St website. This is a new universal element for all City of Los Angeles websites that contains handy, well-organized links to 311 and all of the different online resources for City departments, programs, and services. Whether you are a resident, business operator, visitor, or someone interested in working for the City of LA, the new navigation bar should point you in the right direction.

In keeping with our City’s emphasis on open data, we encourage you to explore the website updates and features and let us know what you think at!


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People St Instagram Love: Sunset Triangle Plaza

We can’t help but notice on Instagram when People St is a backdrop for your beautiful days in LA. This month, we feature some select images from Sunset Triangle Plaza in Silver Lake. From sketch books and coffee to break dancing and piano playing, you’re helping us and our partners demonstrate the awesomeness of our largest public space asset – our streets – as places for people to enjoy.

If you have a particularly lovely photograph or experience at a People St Plaza or Parklet, make sure to tag the location and #PeopleSt on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter – we may feature your little slice of life on our website in a future post!

Keep it up with all of the #PeopleSt love!

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