Introducing People St

We are thrilled to announce the establishment of People St, a program of LADOT and the City of Los Angeles. People St is the toolkit of cost-efficient design elements that bring quickly installed transformations to L.A.’s streets, demonstrating the value of active, accessible spaces for people to enjoy. These projects are one tool for a community or neighborhood to consider when establishing a long-term vision for improvements to support walking, bicycling, and economic vitality, and serve as the first step for attracting future capital-intensive investments in physical street infrastructure. People St projects are incubators for creating Great Streets.


This website is your one-stop shop for information, resources, and materials on People St Plazas, Parklets, and Bike Corrals, and the process for applying to bring these projects to your neighborhood. Building from lessons learned from the city’s first six pilot projects, LADOT has been working closely in an unprecedented collaboration with community members, elected officials, and other City staff to develop People St into a program that will expedite project development and implementation with a clear, consistent process.


People St offers an application-based process for community partners to receive approval to install a Plaza, Parklet, or Bike Corral. Through this website, potential community partners can access an online- application portal and the materials that inform and guide the application process. Each year, LADOT opens an application window, during which time Community Partners submit an initial project proposal. Using a set of established criteria to assess each proposal, LADOT selects a limited number of applications on which to move forward. Considerations for proposal selection include: organizational capacity, site location, site context, community support, and public-space access need. Those selected then work closely with LADOT to move through the rest of the process of bringing a project to life. Upon full program launch in early 2014, a downloadable Application Manual will be made available that details in full everything you need to know.


Each People St project type offers a preapproved, required Kit of Parts that contains packaged, thought-through configurations from which to choose so that no community partner needs to “reinvent the wheel” each time a project is considered. We know that demystifying city processes, rules, and requirements to make our government more responsive to residents and businesses is super important for improving the quality of life in our city. We also recognize that any new program has to start with meeting the immediate needs identified by community groups all over the city to get projects on the ground quickly, and can evolve over time to add new ideas and project types.


We look forward to acquainting you upon our initial, full program launch in early 2014 with the array of program materials and manuals that have been developed to guide you through the process. People St will offer the following materials:

  • Plaza and Parklet Application Manuals
  • Plaza and Parklet Kits of Parts and Technical Appendices
  • Bike Corral Resources via the LADOT Bike Program—Supplemental Materials
  • Online Application Portal
  • Pre-/Post-Evaluation Materials to document and report on project impacts

In the mean time, People St is here to answer any questions you may have. Please direct inquiries through the Contact Page of this website.

People St and LADOT would like to send a warmhearted thank you to the many dedicated city staff superstars, elected officials, designers, and community participants who have contributed to the formalization of this program. See you on People St!

October 10, 2013 News Permalink

Recruiting Volunteers to study NELA Parklets

The York Boulevard and Huntington Boulevard Parklets are two of the first four pilot parklet projects in Los Angeles.  Parklet Studies is partnering with Cal Poly Pomona to conduct post-occupancy studies at both sites for LADOT.  Fieldwork will take place through October 2013.  To sign up, please go to

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