Huntington Parklet Grand Opening

The fourth and final pilot parklet was dedicated this weekend on February 16th, 2013, with much fanfare. People St and Councilmemer Huizar gathered with the LA 32 Neighborhood Council, Barrio Action, Living Streets LA and the Wilson High School Band to commemorate the grand opening in El Sereno.┬áThis parklet sits on the T-intersection at Huntington Drive and Rosemead Avenue in the heart of El Sereno’s commercial district.

The parklet was designed through a series of workshops by local residents who wanted to add a public gathering and seating place to Huntington Drive. Funding for the project came from Councilmember Huizar who worked with Living Streets LA to create an “Improvement Vision and Action Plan” for the Huntington Drive corridor. Here, small details that reflect the community were able to make their way into the final designs. For example, the lavender plants and lime and lemon trees pay homage to the areas not so distant agricultural heritage.

Like the parklet on York Blvd. in Highland Park, the Huntington Drive parklet was built 100% by hand by the skilled youths at the Los Angeles Conservation Corps. Located just blocks away from El Sereno Elementary, along one of Northeast LA’s most visited corridors, the Huntington Parklet is ready for when you visit!

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